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There are different sites you can have your book published online and I am going to make a list of some of the best of these sites you can have your work done and made available to the market as soon as it is completed. You can have people become affiliates; they promote and market your book, you earn and they earn too with everyone becoming happier.
It is important to make sure your written work comes alive for the manuscript may seem like garbage to you but a source of help and inspiration to others. So never think what you have written is inconsequential.
You can publish your book as a hard copy book, an eBook or in different digital formats. The best way to publish your book is to do it in different formats as said early to enable you sell very well.
The list of sites below is the handpicked ones I feel is the best.
Payhip is a site that is free and one of the best sites to have your book published in a digital form. You need to upload your work on the Payhip site and it will be ready for the world to see. So what you need to do is upload your work and have it published. This site pays with paypal like many other sites. Then the next thing you need to do is promote your work on different social media websites and watch the money roll in. Although I am not guarantying sales, I know with a little bit of more effort and persistence you will really achieve success.
Tradebit allows you to publish any type of manuscript you have written for free0. It can be poems, fiction or nonfiction, manuals, plr products, health and wellness eBooks and many others can also be published within minutes and instantly sold on other great sites like eBay your published work is protected too on the site depending on your package.
I personally use Tradebit and have some of my works published and sold there.
PayLoadz also allows you to publish your digital products but there is a charge attached to it. The good thing about this site is that your book gets noticed due to the high traffic and tons of PayLoadz users and people that visits the site. It is quite easy to manage your works there too if you don’t mind parting with a little money occasionally.
This site is a very good one, that is, if you can actually format your manuscript according to their required guidelines. They have a large market where you can easily blend in.
Lulu is both paper back and digital all you need do is log into the site and make more research to make the best of your situation.
As soon as your book is published, you can promote and market it to make a lot of sales and profit.
6. Amazon Kindle Publishing
This is a very good one and many writers have had great successes using kindle publishing.
There are still many other good sites and if we keep on naming them the list will be endless. Go to Google search and make research to get more information.

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