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In our previous post I talked about the different ways we can earn money online using our natural talent or interest. I will be choosing these different ways of earning money online one after the other and try to be as detailed as I can. In this post, I will be teaching those just starting out, that is, the newbies how they can earn money with the natural talent or interest of writing.

Whether you can actually write or have the interest of writing but don’t know how to go about it, I will be taking you through a simple process through which you can actually have a book written and published to realize your goal. As a writer you must choose what you want to write about and it can be on religion, healthy living and diet, gardening or DIY (Do-It-Yourself) etc.

When you have chosen what to write on, draft out on paper the plan and sequence to follow logically to make what you want to write great and valuable to those that will purchase it. No one will like to buy a pack of garbage that is worthless in the make of writing. So you have to put that at the back of your mind when dishing out the book. Try to make it well worth the salt!

Assuming you can’t write but have the passion for it; let’s say as a cook you want your recipes put down in a book form but don’t know how to do it, you head over to a site called and there you get yourself registered. When you are registered, login and you’ll find different writers offering services call gigs in different niches with prices as low as $5 to $10. You can contact them directly and make your bargain. Tell them what you want written about and they’ll have it done and well edited for you within a few days.

When your writing is completed, you’ll need a book cover and you can have it made by a graphic designer you know, on or have it created yourself on It’s very easy to do. There are many people all over the world on earning by creating book covers. All you do is let them know the look you want for your book cover, you pay them and they’ll have it nicely done for you within a few days. Don’t forget to have the book cover customized to suit the book format you want to present to the world.

Remember, using the above method you can also write on different niches and create a book on them.

That’s it! With your book completed and nicely wrapped up, we now begin the process of publishing and promoting! You can have your book published as a paperback or an eBook (Electronic format) or digital download on different platforms online and start earning nicely. Some of the places to publish your work online will be our next topic.



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