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To have your published work promoted you have to send them to some very good websites where your book will be made visible to the whole world. I have tried to personally handpick some of the good ones I know about. Check the listed below the websites. Try them and see the one that best work well with you.
Here you meet other fellow authors that have written books like you and interact with them. Their published works are placed at the site and there are forums there that authors relate with one another. You book is widely promoted there as you interact and follow the promotion packages.
This is a website that lets you know the easiest part of becoming a writer is the writing of your manuscript itself and that after it has been written, the next thing is to publish it and then the hardest is getting it to the consumers for purchase and that’s what they can help you achieve. In this site, you have access to the premium membership option which is less than a dollar. They also have great tools, training and resources for you to build and launch a successful book marketing campaign.
I think this is a good site where you can join for free and have some training to promote your book.
In Bublish, you can start writing your manuscript and have it published and promoted on social media platforms around the world. They have various templates that you can use to write, sell and promote your book. You can also promote your book while you are still writing, track reader engagement, build your brand , improve discoverability and learn social marketing on this very site.
This is a free site that links readers to what they can read on kindle. So they can help you promote your work and bring it to more public view. They are participating in the amazon services associates program and helps kindle publishers promote their work.
In this site, when you submit your work, it goes through a readership analysis in order to collect reading data to find out if it really catches the interest of the people and discover the ideal audience for your book. When they find your book has great potentials, they take it, publish and promote it.
The company is just one year old but they have actually produced a lot of successes.

6. BOOKSIE.COM is a social media website that connects different writers all over the world on their platform. When you post your short stories, novels, poetry, articles and any type of approved writing on their site which is free, they connect you to other writers all over the globe. You can publish your work and also read other peoples own. The ownership of your work is still retained by you.

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