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I am happy we have come to the end of how to make money online as a writer and within the next few days, I will be writing blog posts on how to earn money online in other ways and will be picking them one after the other. I want to do this so that you can be able to follow it step by step and at the end be able to know which of the online businesses to choose and focus on to earn money. If possible you can do all of them and you’ll find you do not actually need to depend on anyone anymore to make a living in this world we are living in.
So be expecting my posts soonest and please don’t hesitate to drop your helpful comments when and where necessary.

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To have your published work promoted you have to send them to some very good websites where your book will be made visible to the whole world. I have tried to personally handpick some of the good ones I know about. Check the listed below the websites. Try them and see the one that best work well with you.
Here you meet other fellow authors that have written books like you and interact with them. Their published works are placed at the site and there are forums there that authors relate with one another. You book is widely promoted there as you interact and follow the promotion packages.
This is a website that lets you know the easiest part of becoming a writer is the writing of your manuscript itself and that after it has been written, the next thing is to publish it and then the hardest is getting it to the consumers for purchase and that’s what they can help you achieve. In this site, you have access to the premium membership option which is less than a dollar. They also have great tools, training and resources for you to build and launch a successful book marketing campaign.
I think this is a good site where you can join for free and have some training to promote your book.
In Bublish, you can start writing your manuscript and have it published and promoted on social media platforms around the world. They have various templates that you can use to write, sell and promote your book. You can also promote your book while you are still writing, track reader engagement, build your brand , improve discoverability and learn social marketing on this very site.
This is a free site that links readers to what they can read on kindle. So they can help you promote your work and bring it to more public view. They are participating in the amazon services associates program and helps kindle publishers promote their work.
In this site, when you submit your work, it goes through a readership analysis in order to collect reading data to find out if it really catches the interest of the people and discover the ideal audience for your book. When they find your book has great potentials, they take it, publish and promote it.
The company is just one year old but they have actually produced a lot of successes.

6. BOOKSIE.COM is a social media website that connects different writers all over the world on their platform. When you post your short stories, novels, poetry, articles and any type of approved writing on their site which is free, they connect you to other writers all over the globe. You can publish your work and also read other peoples own. The ownership of your work is still retained by you.

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There are different sites you can have your book published online and I am going to make a list of some of the best of these sites you can have your work done and made available to the market as soon as it is completed. You can have people become affiliates; they promote and market your book, you earn and they earn too with everyone becoming happier.
It is important to make sure your written work comes alive for the manuscript may seem like garbage to you but a source of help and inspiration to others. So never think what you have written is inconsequential.
You can publish your book as a hard copy book, an eBook or in different digital formats. The best way to publish your book is to do it in different formats as said early to enable you sell very well.
The list of sites below is the handpicked ones I feel is the best.
Payhip is a site that is free and one of the best sites to have your book published in a digital form. You need to upload your work on the Payhip site and it will be ready for the world to see. So what you need to do is upload your work and have it published. This site pays with paypal like many other sites. Then the next thing you need to do is promote your work on different social media websites and watch the money roll in. Although I am not guarantying sales, I know with a little bit of more effort and persistence you will really achieve success.
Tradebit allows you to publish any type of manuscript you have written for free0. It can be poems, fiction or nonfiction, manuals, plr products, health and wellness eBooks and many others can also be published within minutes and instantly sold on other great sites like eBay your published work is protected too on the site depending on your package.
I personally use Tradebit and have some of my works published and sold there.
PayLoadz also allows you to publish your digital products but there is a charge attached to it. The good thing about this site is that your book gets noticed due to the high traffic and tons of PayLoadz users and people that visits the site. It is quite easy to manage your works there too if you don’t mind parting with a little money occasionally.
This site is a very good one, that is, if you can actually format your manuscript according to their required guidelines. They have a large market where you can easily blend in.
Lulu is both paper back and digital all you need do is log into the site and make more research to make the best of your situation.
As soon as your book is published, you can promote and market it to make a lot of sales and profit.
6. Amazon Kindle Publishing
This is a very good one and many writers have had great successes using kindle publishing.
There are still many other good sites and if we keep on naming them the list will be endless. Go to Google search and make research to get more information.

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In our previous post I talked about the different ways we can earn money online using our natural talent or interest. I will be choosing these different ways of earning money online one after the other and try to be as detailed as I can. In this post, I will be teaching those just starting out, that is, the newbies how they can earn money with the natural talent or interest of writing.

Whether you can actually write or have the interest of writing but don’t know how to go about it, I will be taking you through a simple process through which you can actually have a book written and published to realize your goal. As a writer you must choose what you want to write about and it can be on religion, healthy living and diet, gardening or DIY (Do-It-Yourself) etc.

When you have chosen what to write on, draft out on paper the plan and sequence to follow logically to make what you want to write great and valuable to those that will purchase it. No one will like to buy a pack of garbage that is worthless in the make of writing. So you have to put that at the back of your mind when dishing out the book. Try to make it well worth the salt!

Assuming you can’t write but have the passion for it; let’s say as a cook you want your recipes put down in a book form but don’t know how to do it, you head over to a site called and there you get yourself registered. When you are registered, login and you’ll find different writers offering services call gigs in different niches with prices as low as $5 to $10. You can contact them directly and make your bargain. Tell them what you want written about and they’ll have it done and well edited for you within a few days.

When your writing is completed, you’ll need a book cover and you can have it made by a graphic designer you know, on or have it created yourself on It’s very easy to do. There are many people all over the world on earning by creating book covers. All you do is let them know the look you want for your book cover, you pay them and they’ll have it nicely done for you within a few days. Don’t forget to have the book cover customized to suit the book format you want to present to the world.

Remember, using the above method you can also write on different niches and create a book on them.

That’s it! With your book completed and nicely wrapped up, we now begin the process of publishing and promoting! You can have your book published as a paperback or an eBook (Electronic format) or digital download on different platforms online and start earning nicely. Some of the places to publish your work online will be our next topic.



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All over the world, the economies of different countries are dwindling and many of them are diving deep down into different aspects of modern technology to make things work well for them. Why should countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and others be left out? This is the information age and many are making a lot of money through this.

Today, many Nigerians and others are fast moving ahead to get a grasp of livelihood in these online markets. Online businesses are the modern means of earning billions of money in today’s world. Many are no longer going out to do nine to five jobs; they stay right back at home and do their own thing making tons of money online. Some work from the comfort of their offices at their own convenience.

All you need is a computer, laptop or smart phone and data to start off!

Right now, I am going to give some advice on online businesses for you to know that you can start in a simple way and with persistence start making good income. All you need do is follow me as I carry you along.

You can start an online business with whatever knowledge or technical know-how you have. You may be a good writer, cook, doctor, secretary, gardener, graphic designer and many other aspects and will do better to go into the business with these talents. This is because that’s what you excel in and it becomes your niche.

A niche is an area of specialization of an individual.

Now let’s assume you are a cook, you may write a recipe for those who need to buy it and make good use of it. If you are a writer, you write a book for different ages in the genre that best suit you. It can be fiction or nonfiction and written as a paperback or in an electronic format of which you can sell online to a larger audience because it goes to almost all parts of the world. This will fetch you good money in your bank account.

Let’s take again the aspect of your niche being that of a graphic designer. You can design logos, banners and other stuffs that can be sold online to make money. Someone that produces stuffs like dolls, cosmetics and other products can sell them in big online stores like amazon or create their own websites to market them and really earn good income to take care of their daily need.

If you don’t have the skills for the niche you want to go into, you make use of professionals to do the work for you to have a product that you can market. So you hire them, they get paid to do the work and you get paid to sell the product.

You can also sell other people’s stuffs on large online stores like Amazon, ShareAsale and others.

Search deep down to know what you are really good at and pick that niche and let’s go!

Having known the niche you want to go into, let’s move on to the next level and really see what to do to make the real cash.


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Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I am Silverline.
Welcome to my blog! I will be posting a lot of exciting and interesting posts here that a lot of people are going to be benefitting from.
Although this is the first real blog I am starting, I have read a lot online and offline, and discovering many online businesses are going on in the world but few are opened to worldwide participants especially countries like Nigeria and some other countries in Africa!
Listen! Any business; be it online or offline that has not yet added Nigeria as a participant has not really started marketing.
That country is where the juicy part of business is. And for you to excel in whatever you are doing as a business go seek that country for your audience and market.
Nigerians are business personified go to Asian countries and see how they are getting richer by the day due to Nigerian buyers and sellers. They have the population for your niche, they have the intelligence and and business acumen.
So are other great countries in Africa and the rest of the world!
I am not trying to be emotional or partial, its a fact!
Having delivered that part, I will be putting out different businesses that countries in Africa and worldwide participants can be accepted. This is to enable people become aware of how they can utilize there potentials and resources towards earning good incomes and living well.
Please comment if you have something people can benefit from.

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